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Solutions for time-crunched professionals.

There are no such things as boundaries in today's work environment.

Virtual teams around the globe use advanced technologies to work together everyday on major projects—yet may rarely or even never meet face to face.

This explains the high failure rate for many virtual teams, including teams that are geographically dispersed.

New Century Management offers you expert consulting services in virtual team building.  We understand the typical pitfalls of virtual teams.

Without the usual cues of body language and voice tone, simple miscommunications or cultural differences can flair up into major misunderstandings.  The team's productivity and morale can be impaired.  Sometimes virtual teams suffer from unstable membership, isolated members or overly dominant personalities.

Our practical and proven techniques for virtual team building are included in these specific services:

  • Online problem solving and interviews
  • Creating a team identity, trust and loyalty
  • Determining milestones and team agendas
  • Virtual strategic planning and goal setting
  • Identifying objectively team compositions for best results
  • Guiding virtual teams on drafting their mission, vision and values statements
  • Building better virtual communications; resolving virtual feuds
  • Benchmarking with industry leaders in virtual teams

New Century Management will be your skilled partner in making measurable improvements for your virtual or geographically dispersed teams a reality.

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