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There are several publications by Dr. Dede Bonner, the president of New Century Management, available at

In Action: Leading Knowledge Management and Learning

By Dr. Dede Bonner and Dr. Jack Phillips (co-editors)

Book Highlights:
  • A best selling book on the publisher's year-end Top 10 List.
  • Exclusive distribution to all of the Fortune 100 CEOs.
  • Pioneer look at the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) and Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) professions.
  • Used world-wide in university courses as a textbook in knowledge management and learning.
  • Translated into Spanish.

Book Description:

Knowledge management is really about relationships and trust.  Does the culture at your organization encourage people to share what they know?  Or do they hesitate to engage in free-flowing exchanges?

Large and small companies worldwide are creating the position of Chief Learning Officer (CLO) to design, develop, and coordinate new knowledge and organizational learning initiatives.  Read the 17 cases of real-life lessons from pioneer organizations that have already moved innovative learning and knowledge practices to their companies' bottom line.

Book Reviews:

What readers say:

"This book is a five-star must read." "Walks the talk."
"Clarity, realism and practical detail.  Impressive and useful." "Good and necessary reading for business professionals at all levels."

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Other Publications by Dr. Dede Bonner available at

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    Summarizes the book above; published in ASTD's T+D Journal.

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    Tells how to turn a home-grown book club into a continuous learning and professional growth winner.  From ASTD's T+D Journal.

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