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Talent.  Developed.  Delivered.

You know that your future is in your people.

In fact, many business leaders believe that developing talent is the CEO's most important role.  Surveys consistently prove that the most successful organizations spend the most time and resources grooming their rising stars.

Research shows that replacement costs for valued employees range from 100% to 300% of annual salary.  These costs are in addition to losses in business, productivity, intellectual capital, customer satisfaction and morale.

In contrast, the best-in-practice companies are more likely to have formal development programs.  The most admired leaders nurture their employees' talent with the same careful attention they give to customer relationships.

Your challenge is to build your organization's talent pool despite the complexities of global competition and relentless change.

New Century Management's talent management experts can assist you with the five most critical competencies for talent management:

  • Talent scouting
  • Relationship building
  • Trust building
  • Skill building
  • Brand building

We also offer techniques for calculating the costs of turnover, tips on how to use technology to attract top candidates, and ways to increase the number of accepted offers.

It's increasingly critical—and difficult—to hire and train the right people.  We can help.

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