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Surveys, Research & Design Studies

Seize the Century.™

Escape from mediocre reports and empty conclusions.

New Century Management provides our clients with highly practical surveys, research solutions, design studies, and data collection/analyses for a wide variety of needs.

Our clients praise our reports as comprehensive, highly detailed, thoughtful, balanced and action oriented.  We take pride in our analytical capabilities, extensive experience, and the quality of our targeted recommendations.

We're pleased to offer you our considerable expertise in the following seven specialties:

  1. Employee Opinion Surveys – Learn what your employees think—and then what to do next.

  2. Needs Analyses and Competency Studies – We'll make a great problem-solving partner for your organization.

  3. Assessment Centers – We know how to build great assessment centers for leadership development or employee promotions.

  4. Benchmarking Studies – Use our tools, data, and expertise to help your organization benchmark performance and core competencies with your industry's best.

  5. Instructional Design Services – Our systematic 6-step approach is a powerful tool for creating true learner-oriented programs.

  6. Research Solutions and Systems Thinking – Results you can trust from a leader in customized research and big-picture solutions.

  7. Organizational Learning Solutions – Let us show you the value of bottom-line learning for your business imperatives and goals.

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