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Workshop Number 2213
Workshops Overview

Seize the Century.™

Effective written communication is a core business skill.  It hinges on critical thinking, a clear writing style, and your ability to be persuasive on paper.  This highly interactive workshop will guide you towards better writing skills targeted for your own needs and areas for improvement.

Who Should Attend:

This program is open to all business writers who want to improve their written communication skills in a variety of workplace settings.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Clarifying purpose, logic audience, and tone in your writing
  • Analyzing your writing strengths and needed improvements
  • 4-step process for more clarity
  • Writing more effective reports and memos
  • Making an impact with your business correspondence
  • Techniques for technical writing
  • Creating visual appeal
  • Being forceful, personal, and interesting on paper
  • Using the active voice and concise words
  • Editing and proofreading skills for your own and others’ writing

How You Will Benefit:

  • Save time, money and resources through clearer written work
  • Be better understood in emails, memos, reports and technical papers
  • Enhance your influence on paper
  • Extensive practice sessions to enhance your strengthens and pinpoint weaknesses
  • Adopt reader-friendly language
  • Improve reader understanding and responsiveness
  • Reduce confusion in written memos, emails, reports, manuals and instructions

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