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Workshop Number 4401
Workshops Overview

Seize the Century.™

The stakes are high when you consider developing your leaders.  Top organizations know how to grow their high-potential-performers.  This seminar explores these winning strategies in depth while emphasizing practical applications for leadership development in your own organization.

Who Should Attend:

This special seminar is designed for leaders, managers, team leaders, professional coaches, current or aspiring mentors, and human resource professionals who want to build a strong leadership element in their organizations.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Best practices for attracting and retaining talented employees
  • How to build and implement a winning succession plan
  • Creating a sustainable culture for leadership excellence
  • Developing coaching capabilities throughout your organization
  • Keys to creating solid mentoring programs and contracts
  • Tips for matching mentors and protégés and resolving difficult partnerships

How You Will Benefit:

  • Objectively clarify and assess leadership needs
  • Achieve commitment for your development programs
  • Develop a realistic action plan
  • Create an evaluation plan to measure tangible results
  • Write a roadmap for building and promoting internal talent
  • Use clear expectations to improve employee relations and morale

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