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Workshop Number 4404
Workshops Overview

Seize the Century.™

How can you be sure that your learners are really getting it?  What can you do to improve their ability to apply new skills on their jobs?  This highly interactive workshop leads you from the first steps of needs analyses to the final step of getting rave evaluations from your workshop participants in a variety of delivery modes.

Who Should Attend:

Novice and experienced trainers, HR managers, training managers and all others who are responsible for learning initiatives in their organizations.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Performance analysis tools to determine your real needs
  • How to write learning objectives tied to performance outcomes
  • Selecting best instructional methods and delivery systems
  • Dealing with difficult participants
  • Solid tips for designing and developing content materials
  • Interactive and facilitative teaching techniques
  • Adapting adult learning for outstanding e-learning deliveries
  • Matching evaluation methods to delivery methods
  • Using the principles of adult learning for all types of programs

How You Will Benefit:

  • Develop a professional toolkit of training tips and techniques
  • Save time and money with well-targeted learning
  • Determine clear and achievable goals
  • Gain self-confidence and control in the classroom
  • Win praise and respect for your instructional savvy
  • Design content and interactive modules to reinforce job transference
  • Provide your organization with well-designed training evaluations
  • Know which courses will work well in an e-learning model

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