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Seize the Century.™

Build once.  Use often.

A full 80 percent of top executives say they benefited from mentors.  But successful mentoring is more than good luck and personal chemistry.  It takes hard work and a solid framework to show real results.

New Century Management's flexible, systematic mentoring programs provide expert advice and cost-effective tools to help your organization to:

  • maximize your productivity
  • attract and retain top employees
  • utilize your managers' accomplishments
  • implement quick, tailored training
  • build a pipeline for knowledge transfer
  • foster a culture of supportive relationships

We'll help you sort through the dynamics of personality types and experience levels to create highly productive matches.  We can also integrate mentoring with your existing HR programs.

Our eight mentoring options are arranged below from high-structure to open-ended programs, all with measurable results and evaluations.  Request more information for details on:

  1. High-Potentials Programs – Select and match your senior managers and exceptional employees; create realistic expectations and results with our powerful framework.

  2. Organization-wide Programs – "How-to" guidance for a target population, such as aspiring assistants or women leaders.

  3. Reverse Mentoring – Breakthrough approach to disseminate fresh ideas, new skills and creative energy moving from younger employees to more seasoned managers.

  4. Blended Mentoring Programs – Our facilitated approach combines the best of structured programs with the spontaneity of informal relationships.

  5. Informal One-on-One Matches – We provide objective personality assessments to help create optimal mentoring relationships.

  6. Group Mentoring – Assistance in establishing an innovative group-learning program, including our highly popular "peer mentoring" system.

  7. Online Mentoring Programs – We'll show you how to establish and monitor an effective mentoring program using your current online resources.

  8. Independent Studies – Our comprehensive guidebooks, discussion outlines, bibliographies, and practical tip sheets are available for purchase.

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