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Seize the Century.™

Separation anxiety.  Remedied.

New Century Management offers cutting-edge techniques for dealing with your organization's personnel cuts.

Since 1988, we have partnered with global Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and non-profits to provide superior services in career transition management and outplacement.

Our outplacement experts offer a full range of programs tailored to meet your unique circumstances.  We can help both individuals and organizations as follows:

Group Programs

  1. Policy Consulting:  We help senior leadership write unambiguous criteria for layoff decisions, policies, and communication materials.  More

  2. Job Search Workshop:  We offer solid off-the-shelf and customized workshops on planning, resumes, interviews and job market tips.  More

  3. Retirement Seminar:  Check out our unique program for employees considering retirement options.  More

  4. Evolving From Employee to Consultant:  We've had great success with a highly innovative version of our workshop on consulting skills.  More

Support for Individuals

  1. Executive Service:  Combines in-depth career coaching, savvy advice, and innovative career solutions.  More

  2. Online Coaching:  Use our content-rich and highly personalized services.  More

  3. Career Coaching:  Skill-based, proactive job and life transitions that can be adjusted for employees at all levels.  More

  4. Dual Career Couples:  Relocated spouses often need help, too, to make effective transitions with a minimum of stress and personal disruption.  Request more information

Reduce legal exposure and staff anxieties with New Century Management's cost-effective, confidential and caring outplacement services.

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