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Seize the Century.™

How success is expressed.

New Century Management offers two truly unique programs to address the growing flood of retiring employees that many organizations are facing.  We help both organizations and individuals harness their experiences for new growth.

Organizational Programs

The challenge is to capture and use your retiring employees' years of experience and skills.  What really matters is their:

  • hard-learned smarts, especially about solving problems
  • institutional memory

Based on our award-winning expertise in knowledge management, we have designed four innovative and cost-effective solutions for organizations:

  1. "Reverse Mentoring Program" (a creative application of mentoring skills and methods)  More
  2. Structured storytelling sessions (software-enhanced)
  3. Pre-retirement planning seminar for employees within 10 years of retirement  More
  4. Workshop on transitioning from employee to consultant roles  More

Support for Individuals

Every year, millions of people retire—yet many wonder what went wrong.  What they have always envisioned as the graceful, golden years instead becomes a rude awakening.

Never has it been more important to plan carefully for retirement.  Many people contemplating retirement face the triple challenges of:

  • needing supplemental income for up to 30 years in retirement
  • new social and emotional uncertainties
  • diminishing energy and health

You face a new life after retirement, no matter what jobs or education you've had before.  But how do you define the new lifestyle or career that's right for you?  How do you avoid starting over?  Find a satisfying part-time job?  Work as a consultant?  Volunteer?  Or just enjoy your hard-earned leisure time?

Rather than focus on financial advice, New Century Management's fresh approach to retirement is filled with insightful and practical advice and tools, all tailored to post-retirement employment and life decisions.  More

Attention Federal Government Agencies:  We have a special Legacy Program just for you.  Request More Information

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