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Workshop Number 3301
Workshops Overview

Seize the Century.™

Making educated decisions at retirement time is one of the most important things you will ever do.  You'll learn the action steps needed for transforming new job and leisure choices into realistic action plans.  Our focus is on alternative career ideas balanced with new leisure time.  This workshop does not cover financial or medical planning.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is open to all employees who are considering retirement.  Spouses are welcomed to attend for a discounted additional fee.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Assessing your current marketable skills, knowledge and abilities
  • How to make best post-retirement decisions about lifestyles and jobs
  • Getting a part-time job without starting over at the bottom
  • Using your leisure time well;  learning to relax or volunteer
  • Inventory of skills needed for success as a consultant or contractor
  • How to recognize and outsmart age discrimination
  • Transferring what you know to others
  • Considerations for relocating after retirement

How You Will Benefit:

  • Explore many post-retirement lifestyle and career ideas
  • Develop a retirement plan that is doable, satisfying, and realistic
  • Make important decisions with more confidence
  • Discover your real value in the current marketplace
  • Learn how to use your current job to fulfill your retirement goals
  • Understand your career and life values and anchors

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