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Seize the Century.™

An organization is what it knows.

Our workshops will show you the difference between taking a course—and setting one.

We strive to move beyond just education.  World-class organizations require world-class employees.  Yours.

New Century Management's highly-acclaimed workshops are used around the world by Fortune 500 firms, federal government agencies, technical companies, financial institutions, non-profits, and international organizations.

A survey of the world's most admired organizations concluded that the best way to attract, motivate and retain talented people is to offer high-quality training programs.  (Global Survey of Corporate Reputations, Fortune magazine).

Our 47 diverse workshops all share these characteristics:

  • Highly Practical – Our focus is on solutions, innovative learning experiences, and maximizing high retention and results.

  • Skills-Results Orientation – Skills for the next day and just-in-time results.

  • Cutting-Edge Content and Theory – Benefit from the latest research and our continually refreshed, content-rich, comprehensive course materials.

  • Customization – We can tailor any of our workshops to meet your needs.  Or design a new one just for you.  More

  • Hands-On Experience – Stimulating, highly interactive exercises and case studies are our professional signature.

  • Skillful Instructors – Our world-class, experienced educators are consistently rated an overall average of 4.6 on a 5-point evaluation scale by delighted workshop participants.

  • Practical Toolkits – We use proven instruments to enhance participants' specific skills and competencies.

  • Flexible Delivery Options – Learn from our wide variety of delivery systems.  More

See what we can offer you in Leadership and Management (Series 1100), Communication Skills (Series 2200), Careers and Retirement (Series 3300), Human Resource Management (Series 4400), and Data and Knowledge Management (Series 5500).

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