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Seize the Century.™

So many ways to learn.  So little time.

New Century Management will partner with your organization to create the right learning solution for you based on your requirements and deadlines.  We'll identify your specific needs, craft the best content and delivery methods, and provide workshops that ensure high employee acceptance and top value for your training funds.

We'll bring our off-the-shelf and customized workshops to your workplace.  Benefit from world-class training on your schedule and at your convenience.

Our workshops are available in a full range of delivery options to meet your needs:

  • Classroom face-to-face
  • Blended learning
  • Satellite
  • Self-paced (print)
  • Video production
  • e-learning
  • Desktop multimedia
  • Internet/Intranet
  • Teleconferences

In addition, we offer two special support services for participants after they have taken one of our workshops:

Online Coaching Support – Our expert, certified coaches can work with your employees as a way of customizing the in-workshop learning to their actual on-the-job needs and specific questions.  More

On-the-Job Shadow Assignments – Our unique program creates learning experiences that resemble temporary mentoring arrangements.  Workshop participants observe senior employees as they work through a typical day or task.  Request more information

We also have highly competent, professional instructional designers to create a customized workshop full of exercises and case studies tailored just for your organization.  More

Our primary focus is to be right on target to meet your unique learning needs.

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