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Note:  All of our workshops are available in off-the-shelf and customized versions.

Asking Smarter Questions 2201
Assertiveness Skills 2210
Benchmarking: The Best Practices 5501
Chief Learning Officer Seminar 5502
Coaching Skills for High Performance 1101
Conflict Resolution 2202
Consulting Skills 4402
Creative and Critical Thinking 1102
Customer Service Excellence 2203
Data Collection and Analysis Techniques 5504
Dealing with Difficult People 2204
Email Mastery 2205
Executive Effectiveness Seminar 1103
Facilitation Skills Workshop, The 4403
Grammar Refresher Blitz 2206
Human Resource Management for Non-HR Managers 4406
Individual Development Plans (IDPs) 3307
Interpersonal Communications and Skills 2207
Interviewing Prospective Employees and Contractors 4407
Introduction to Human Resource Management 4405
Job Interviews and Search Skills 3304
Knowledge Management: Practical Uses and Profits 5505
KSA Workshop and Federal Career Planning 3306
Leadership Styles and Behaviors 1104
Leading During Change 1105
Living Your Legacy 3301
Management Skills for New and Prospective Managers 1106
Managing Teleworkers and Virtual Teams 1107
Meeting Management for Busy Managers 1108
Mid-Career Planning Workshop 3302
Myers-Briggs Workshop 2208
Negotiation Skills 1109
Networking Savvy 3305
Performance Appraisals: Achieving Excellence 1110
Polished Presentations and Better Briefings 2209
Problem Solving and Decision Making 1111
Professional Woman Manager Seminar, The 3303
Strategic Planning 1112
Streamlining Business Process Improvements 5503
Succession Planning and Mentoring Seminar 4401
Supervisory Skills Refresher 1113
Surveys and Questionnaires: Tips and Techniques 5506
Team Dynamics 2212
Team Leadership 1114
Time and Stress Management: Juggling Multiple Priorities 2211
Train-the-Trainer Workshop, The 4404
Writing for Success and Impact 2213

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