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Workshop Number 2204
Workshops Overview

Seize the Century.™

Whether "difficult" people are coworkers, employees, or supervisors, interpersonal conflicts can greatly reduce performance, productivity, and morale.  This workshop shows proven, positive, and practical techniques for dealing with nine types of "difficult" people.  It includes assessment tools, role-plays, videos, and action plans for solving workplace problems.

Who Should Attend:

Open to all employees who must live or work with challenging personalities in complex relationships.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Six types of difficult people and practical strategies to deal with each
  • Ways to maintain control in really challenging situations
  • Highly effective techniques—even in  worst scenarios
  • Actual words to use to get your way with the most difficult personalities
  • Defusing tense conflicts in teams
  • Understanding what motivates difficult people
  • Skillful listening and questioning techniques to defuse conflicts

How You Will Benefit:

  • Avoid the traps set by difficult people
  • Learn the winning words to defuse conflicts
  • Strategies for tough situations with customers or co-workers
  • Manage more effectively—even with difficult staffs or teams
  • Be more confident in groups
  • Increase support for your ideas in non-confrontational ways
  • Build greater team productivity and creativity
  • Enhance your professional credibility and respect

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