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Workshop Number 2207
Workshops Overview

Seize the Century.™

The higher you move up in your organization, the more you need effective interpersonal communication skills.  Learn how to increase your productivity and value through improved working relationships in this highly interactive and practical workshop.

Who Should Attend:

Open to all managers, supervisors, team leaders, team members, and employees.

Workshop Objectives:

  • How to avoid common misunderstandings in the workplace
  • What to do about “mixed” messages
  • Listening and questioning skills
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Successful conflict resolution
  • Breaking down communication barriers
  • Communicating with different personality types
  • Body language and non-verbal communications
  • How to communicate for more understanding and influence
  • Culture diversity and communications

How You Will Benefit:

  • Improve productivity and save time with fewer miscommunications
  • Identify and remove your communication barriers
  • Enhance your value to the organization and potential for job growth
  • Increase your self-awareness and self-confidence in diverse situations
  • Be able to better connect with others for greater influence and respect
  • Learn how to value and benefit from all people and opinions

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