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Workshops #5500 Series
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Seize the Century.™

Tools that work.  Knowledge that matters.

Let the people who helped to define the business of knowledge management lead your next workshop in it.

New Century Management is a pioneer in knowledge management with the bestselling book, In Action: Leading Knowledge Management and Learning.

By the year 2010, the world's total information is predicted to double.  How can anyone deal with all of this information overload—and ambiguity?

Developing your skills in sorting, analyzing, and using the best information possible is an essential step.  Never before have skills in data and knowledge management been more important.  More than ever, people need to know how to learn.

Our learning specialists have taught highly-acclaimed workshops in every major industry.  Our overall rating from participants is an outstanding 4.6 on a 5-point scale.  We consistently get rave reviews.

Each of our six workshops in data and knowledge management emphasizes critical competencies and skills, along with highly practical applications.  Our workshops are content-rich, highly interactive, and can be customized.  Select from the six workshops below to see the complete course descriptions, objectives and benefits.

Title Workshop
Benchmarking: The Best Practices 5501
The Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Seminar 5502
Streamlining and Improving Business Practices 5503
Data Collection and Analysis Techniques 5504
Knowledge Management: Practical Uses & Profits 5505
Surveys and Questionnaires – Tips and Techniques 5506

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