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Workshops #4400 Series
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Seize the Century.™

New ideas.  New tools.  Consistent quality.

Your work as a human resource specialist or manager is important, challenging and always changing.

New Century Management's workshops are full of practical HR tips, tools and techniques to boost your competitive edge—and help your organization stay competitive.

Our foremost priority is delivering the finest education possible to ensure your professional HR excellence.  We are proud of our innovative workshops in human resource management and the rave reviews our participants consistently give us.

We've taught HR topics to thousands of people around the world.  We specialize in highly interactive, content-rich learning experiences—solidly grounded in adult learning principles.  New Century Management's expert HR instructors are rated an overall 4.6 on a 5-point scale.

Each of our seven HR workshops emphasizes critical competencies and skills.  Our workshops are content-rich, highly interactive, and can be customized.  Select from the workshops below to see the complete descriptions, objectives and benefits.

Title Workshop
Succession Planning and Mentoring 4401
Consulting Skills 4402
The Facilitation Skills Workshop 4403
Train-the-Trainer Workshop 4404
Introduction to Human Resource Management 4405
HR Management for Non-HR Managers 4406
Interviewing Prospective Employees and Contractors 4407

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