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Workshop Number 4405
Workshops Overview

Seize the Century.™

This workshop examines the role of human resource in meeting an organization's strategic goals.  The practical aspects and career potential of HR professionals are emphasized, along with the latest trends in human capital management.

Who Should Attend:

HR managers, HR professionals, staff members, and others who want a deeper understanding of the HR profession and its career specialties.

Workshop Objectives:

  • HR management roles and responsibilities
  • Critical HR core competencies and skills
  • HR development, adult learning and organization development
  • Workforce planning and key legislation
  • Compensation and benefits systems
  • Employee, labor relations, and discipline issues
  • Measuring the effectiveness HR programs
  • Current HR issues, trends, technologies, and tools

How You Will Benefit:

  • Understand HR functions and organizational barriers
  • Position yourself for career advancements and greater mobility
  • Gain self-awareness of your key interests and potential contributions
  • Clarify the need for additional education in university-level HR programs
  • Unique opportunity to network with other HR professionals
  • Prepare for advanced study for HR certification credentials

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