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Seize the Century.™

Bridge the distance.

Rethink life and livelihood with telework initiatives.

Many organizations and employees stand on the brink of vast uncertainties as they begin new telework arrangements (also called telecommuting.)

How do you manage effectively when people aren't physically there?  How do you ensure you aren't overlooked for important meetings, decisions or promotions?  What are the new HR issues?

Telework is transforming business.  But what will it look like in your organization?

New Century Management's experts can help you save time and money as you undertake teleworking changes.  We use systems thinking and practical tools to support redefined boundaries, authority lines and relationships among managers, teams, employees and customers.

Specifically, we can help you in seven ways:

  1. Create communication strategies for delivering a crystal clear vision and master plan (assist senior managers)
  2. Link telework to bottom line gains through improved productivity and  employee commitment
  3. Identify potential teleworkers using objective selection criteria (seniority, merit, greatest need, etc.)
  4. Restructure current HR policies, performance standards, measures, and position descriptions
  5. Improve business process flows to maximize gains while minimizing disruptions (adjust jobs, schedules, and duties)
  6. Train managers and staff to avoid a trial-and-error implementation
  7. Design a comprehensive action plan with highly targeted, yet realistic milestones

We also conduct initial suitability assessments, provide online coaching support, resolve ongoing problems, and use reliable tools to evaluate your telework efforts.

When telework works well, it's a productive intersection of personal and professional lives.  We can help you get there.

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