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Many organizations are no better prepared for the third reorganization than they were for the first one.  Perhaps this sounds familiar?

It really does matter.  Extensive research shows that after every successive reorganization, managers face an increasingly reluctant—or even hostile—workforce.

This is just one example of how practical research solutions can be critical to your success.  Why keep reinventing the wheel when research solutions are already out there?

The trick is knowing how to dig out from information overload and analyze relevant studies so they make sense for your own unique needs and situation.

That's where New Century Management can help you.  Our research experts are well grounded in advanced research procedures, sources, methods and tools.  We produce reliable, comprehensive, theory-based, customized assessments, studies and recommendations to support your ideas and actions.

We offer these research methodologies:

  • Participatory / Interactive / Observations
  • Document-Based Research
  • Surveys  More
  • Interviews
  • Needs Assessments  More
  • Focus Groups  More
  • Scenario Planning (systematically asking "what if?")

Systems Thinking

Systems are everywhere.  Examples are the IT department in your organization (and any other department), the ignition system in your car, and the circulatory system in your body.

Systems thinking looks at problem solving with an emphasis on the relationships among a system's parts, rather than the parts themselves.  For example, if you want to figure out why your car won't start, you may have to look beyond just the starter switch and consider the whole ignition system.

The same is true for complex organizational problems.  If you want to design smart, enduring solutions, consider systems thinking as a powerful tool to reach your goal.

Researching solutions leads to systems thinking.  The best leaders typically can see the whole picture and connect disparate processes and information.

What drives your company forward—or backward?  New Century Management can use systems thinking to get to the core inner workings of your organization.

As we work with you on tough problems, we can show you how to adjust the cause-effect thinking that led to the problems in the first place.  Request more information today to see if systems thinking might work well for your organization, too.

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