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Surveys, Research & Design Studies

Seize the Century.™

To truly solve a problem, you must first understand it.

Sounds so simple, but most people skip this step.  Pinpointing performance gaps.  That's the essence of a great needs analysis.

New Century Management's research experts know how to fully analyze the performance gaps between "what is" and "what should be" within diverse organizations and cultures.

We'll partner closely with you to clarify your needs, report findings, and to make actionable recommendations—precisely targeted to practical solutions, doable ideas and strong employee buy-in.

We offer you world-class analyses of:

  • performance improvement strategies
  • training designs
  • organizational change
  • leadership development initiatives
  • task and job analysis

Competency Studies

New Century Management can support your organization's efforts to proactively identify, design, and develop your core leadership or organizational competencies.

We have extensive experience helping organizations in both the public and private sectors to determine the competencies and related behaviors most important for their unique culture and needs.

Our focus on strategic alignment, systems thinking, and objective assessments will support your growth and professional development efforts.

We'll help you sort out the real "must-have" competencies from all the background noise.  Then we'll make sure that your core competencies are linked to your business plans and goals.

Our HR experts can help to align your competency program with current HR policies and practices.  Contact us today.

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