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Jumpstart your leadership team.

First used in World War II to select secret agents, the assessment center technique is a proven method to accurately and reliably assess your managers' competencies for enhanced career opportunities.

Assessment centers are typically used to:

  • Identify key internal talent
  • Determine promotions using an objective process
  • Guide leadership and career development
  • Accelerate skill building
  • Identify global leaders

New Century Management's customized assessment programs are designed to evaluate the most desirable leadership competencies for your organization.  We have developed unique alternatives that reduce your costs without sacrificing any of the quality and power of this assessment technique.

We typically include behavioral background interviews, personality inventories, abilities tests, work-simulation exercises, and individualized coaching and feedback sessions for your participants.

New Century Management will match our assessment center plan to your specific requirements, needs and expectations using the best assessment tools on the market.  We can create realistic exercises and case studies using your organization's scenarios and terminology.  Or we will coach just a few individuals at a time.

Our assessment centers deliver measurable results and get top ratings from our clients.

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