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Meet the Learning Leaders.

The world's most successful organizations are characterized by how much they value learning.  A Chief Learning Officer (CLO) can transform their organizations into proactive learning organizations.

New Century Management wrote the book on CLOs' roles and responsibilities—literally.  Our president is the co-editor of a bestselling, first-ever book about CLOs, In Action: Leading Knowledge Management and Learning.

We have now expanded our CLO services to offer consulting and training to help organizations create and maximize these new positions, as well as groom successful candidates.  The number of CLOs worldwide continues to grow.

New Century Management's extensive expertise in this area benefits you by:

  • Assessing your organization's need for a CLO (not all companies are ready)
  • Helping you write a CLO position description
  • Assisting with candidate selection
  • Coaching and supporting your new CLO (new hires or internally promoted)
  • Providing ongoing consulting on integrating business requirements and learning needs

This new breed of learning executive must balance many emerging roles and responsibilities.  In our research and experience, we have determined these are the key competencies for CLOs:

  1. Ability to align diverse groups into a learning culture
  2. Develop and use benchmarking studies
  3. Think strategically as a change agent
  4. Embrace new technology and tools
  5. Champion for learning and knowledge management
  6. Genuinely cares about customers
  7. Partner and ally to senior management

Strong interpersonal skills, business savvy and the ability to influence others

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