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Seize the Century.™

A trusted, innovative consulting partner.

Our outstanding reputation for consulting services is our most powerful calling card.  That's because our consulting services are anything but ordinary.

New Century Management's clients rated their total satisfaction with our consulting services as 96 percent overall outstanding.  In fact, Dun and Bradstreet ranked us in the top 5 percent of all U.S. businesses for client satisfaction.  More

Our team of talented and experienced consultants can deliver expert services.  We'll help your organization develop powerful, practical and customized solutions.  We offer these 12 consulting services:

Organizational Clarity Employee Capability
Strategic Management – Even the most carefully crafted strategies are worthless unless expertly executed. Leadership Development – We build whole leadership systems.  Or help one person at a time.
Organizational Development – Improve your return on intangible investments with our structured OD processes and tools. HR Management – See our list of 16 services and a whole series of HR workshops, too.
Performance Improvement Solutions – We know how to align your organizational goals and employees’ performance. Career Development – Add value to your business through our strategic systems approach, software and innovative tools.
Change Leadership – We'll help you to measure and monitor progress along the sometimes rocky road of change leadership. Chief Learning Officers (CLOs) – We are THE pioneers in creating and clarifying this exciting new role in learning leadership.
Business Process Improvements – Fix and measure what matters.  We systematically determine which internal processes are broken and cost-effective solutions. Succession Planning Consulting – We'll design a succession plan that is unique to your needs and culture, and help you to integrate it with daily operations.
Knowledge Management – Transform knowledge into wisdom and your organization into a cash-flow knowledge community with our practical strategies. Talent Management – Expert services to define successful business performance when hiring, developing and promoting employees.

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