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Knowledge doesn't exist in a vacuum.

Knowledge is not wisdom.

Human nature and poor communications are the biggest obstacles to sharing and managing knowledge.

Fortune 500 companies lose at least $31.5 billion a year by failing to share knowledge, according to marketing intelligence.  Many organizations have wasted millions of dollars on knowledge technology that has failed miserably.

Why?  Most organizations don't take into consideration the people side of knowledge management—communications, capabilities, and culture.  Knowledge management is much more than software and technical upgrades.

This is our forte.  New Century Management is a knowledge management pioneer.  Our president edited a book of early case studies, In Action: Leading Knowledge Management and Learning.

We're experts at helping you recognize and maximize your opportunities for capturing knowledge from your employees and customers.  We know how to make knowledge-sharing systems more user-friendly and how to reward contributions.

We tailor our systems approach with measurable steps in simple language to help you in the following ways:

  • Assess your organization's need and readiness for knowledge management
  • Integrate communications solutions with IT architecture
  • Pinpoint key knowledge embedded in your organization's processes, documents and people
  • Evaluate your realistic bottom-line ROI
  • Advise on your need for Chief Learning Officers or Chief Knowledge Officers.  More
  • We can assist with the position description, recruitment and training.  More
  • Solve "flight of intellectual capital"—losing departing or retiring employees' know-how  More
  • Establish "communities of practice" (action groups sharing ideas and solutions).

Most importantly, New Century Management can help move your organization from information overload to knowledge management.

And finally.  Knowledge translated into wisdom.

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