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Services for Teams & Facilitation

Seize the Century.™

Expert facilitators are like Olympic champions.  Golden.

Focus groups target what matters most to your customers, stockholders, and employees.  You'll learn not only their opinions—but why.

New Century Management's professional facilitators have extensive experience in setting the right agenda and tone, encouraging participants to relax and talk openly, and ensuring clear results for your needs.

Our facilitators act as expert, unbiased observers who are as skillful as Olympic champions.  They can make solving really tough group dynamics look easy.  We keep your groups on task and deliver concrete solutions, while promoting a positive and active role for all participants.  We'll select facilitators who can easily win rapport with your people.

When it comes to maximizing groups—even on highly emotional or difficult topics—we are the experts that many of our clients turn to again and again.  Focus groups provide rich qualitative data for:

  • Product development and testing
  • Market analyses
  • Customers' projected needs
  • Strategic planning
  • Employee and public opinions
  • Project feasibility analyses
  • Voters' issues
  • Brand image development

We prefer to work closely with your organization both before and after the sessions to:

  • Design effective meeting agendas
  • Strategize action plans and group dynamics
  • Summarize and analyze comments
  • Provide feedback to key stakeholders

You'll be surprised at your groups' power to deliver meaningful results.

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