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Services for Teams & Facilitation

Seize the Century.™

We'll help you make meeting history.

Our professional facilitators really know how to run a more efficient meeting.  They create a climate for productivity, creativity and accelerated management.

We know how to harness groups' collective strengths and get things done in meetings—really done, really decided, and really accepted by the group's consensus.

New Century Management has partnered with hundreds of highly diverse groups for over 15 years.  We have objectively facilitated it all—from small, congenial teams to highly contentious public opinion forums.

Our facilitation expertise can help you with:

  • your conferences and team retreats  More
  • strategic planning meetings  More
  • meetings with shareholders or board members
  • important or difficult staff meetings
  • focus groups to uncover public or employee opinions  More
  • product generation and brainstorming sessions
  • policy development and marketing ideas
  • action-planning sessions

We'll partner with you to design powerful meeting agendas, rein in difficult people, manage the meeting time, write discussion summaries, and produce more results from your meetings than you ever thought possible.

We also offer a comprehensive workshop on meeting management.  More

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