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Services for Teams & Facilitation

Seize the Century.™

Teams happen.

Harness the power of collaborative decision-making and team effectiveness with New Century Management's services.

Our professional facilitators guide and stimulate groups to:

  • Clarify and build consensus for mission and goals
  • Generate strategic planning ideas
  • Assess existing and identify new business processes
  • Strengthen team relationships
  • Defuse conflicts affecting team performance
  • Achieve real solutions and detailed action plans

We are world-class experts in delivering dynamic results for diverse teams and organizations.  Make your special meetings, decision-making sessions, opinion groups, and staff meetings more efficient than you dreamed possible.

We manage all types of group dynamics and specialize in five services:

  1. Team Development and Retreats — We create top teamwork strategies for breakthrough thinking, problem analyses, innovative solutions, and solid decisions—all with stakeholders' buy-in.  We do serious fun retreats, too.

  2. Focus Groups — Learn what your customers or employees really think and why.  Then learn how to capitalize on it.

  3. Meeting Facilitations — Use our top rated facilitators to break deadlocks, smooth group relationships, and lead your important or volatile meetings with shareholders, senior executives, board members, customers, or staffers.

  4. Virtual Teams — Small miscues often fester into major miscommunications and lost productivity without skillful attention to powerful virtual team dynamics.

  5. Action Learning Facilitation — Resolve complex issues with the break-through help of our action learning facilitators.

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